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How can hypnotherapy help with Anxiety/Depression?

  • Hypnotherapy is a very natural state and can help you to relax to restore your body to normal.
  • Hypnotherapy can also help you to find out what is causing you to be anxious or depressed.
  • Hypnotherapy can help you to make new neurone pathways for you to be able to relax easily.
  • We can teach you self-hypnosis.


Many words can be used for anxiety; for example, worry, overthinking, dread, fear are just a few.
We all feel anxious at times, for example when going for a job interview or meeting a group of people for the first time.  But, once the meeting is over we restore to ‘normal’.
However, do you find yourself feeling anxious most of the time? Find that you are unable to lead the life that you want to lead?  Worrying over the slightest thing? Then maybe hypnotherapy can help.


Hypnotherapy can help lift depression; in most cases after the first session, people say that they feel so relaxed and much calmer than when they first arrived.  Depression can be very subtle, you do not necessarily feel depressed, or even unhappy all the time.

How many sessions would you require?

We are all unique and we all respond differently to hypnosis.  It is because of this, that it is difficult to say how many sessions are required.  Some of us are very good at going into hypnosis, just like everything else in life.  Some of us are good at running, some writing, or maybe reading.  But, we can all learn.

A good guide is to allow for four to five sessions.  Once you have had your first session, you will be given a recording to take away to reinforce the therapy.

For more information and a free consultation on how hypnotherapy can help you, please email or call me on 07886 091639.

Problems with Alcohol?

Hypnotherapy may help

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