Lorraine Gleeson | Hypnotherapist in Portsmouth | Hampshire

How does Hypnotherapy work? I have been asked this many times. I also have been told “I don’t believe in hypnotherapy or hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is not magic or is it taking control of you and making you do things like cluck like a chicken or bark like a dog lol!!!

The fact is it is simply focusing inside and relaxing, listening and choosing to go along with suggestions. You know when you have those internal conversations with yourself? You are in an altered state of mind, we call this hypnosis.How does Hypnotherapy work

When you are driving, and suddenly you find yourself at your destination. How did you do that? Well, you dropped into a trance.

Whether you believe in hypnosis or not you often drop into an altered state. As a hypnotherapist, we are trained on how to help you to achieve what you want. To help you to improve your health, wealth and happiness.

You would have heard many times I would imagine thinking positively, and things will change for you. Well, there is a bit more to it than simply thinking positively, we need to believe it, feel it and see it.

One of my most favourites sayings is “What the mind can believe it can achieve” and if the mind can see it that makes it more powerful.

Changes do take time and commitment from you as well. You will need to play your part in the process and play your recordings to help.

Can hypnotherapy help if I don’t believe in it?

Yes, it can all you need is an open mind. It is good to have a bit of scepticism if you have not experienced hypnosis before. You only need to follow instructions, and before you know it, you will find your self relaxed. It is that easy.Positive thinking

If you would like to find out if hypnotherapy could help you, please contact me.