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I was working with Helen, and as we were chatting, she mentioned that her husband was off sick from work. I asked her why? Apparently, he had come out in a rash, and he could not sleep. He had been to the doctors, and they did not know what had caused it. It wasn’t getting any better.

Helen said that he would not consider coming to see a hypnotherapist for help. I asked if he would listen to an MP3. She said yes he would; I gave her an MP3 actually the free one on this site.

When Helen came back for her next appointment, I asked Helen how her husband was. Well, she said that he did listen to the MP3 at night when she had gone to bed.

On the third night, Helen said he burst into the bedroom and said: “I am just getting myself into a state, of course, I can sleep”. Helen said he got into bed and went to sleep. His rash had cleared up, and he was back at work.MP3

So what changed?

Let’s look at what Helen’s husband said: “I am just getting myself into a state, of course, I can sleep”. He was now focused on what he was going to do. Sounds simple but whether we realise it or not what we think and feel, affects our quality of life. Focusing our attention on what we want and believing it can create change.

Listening to the MP3 that I gave him helped him to change the way he was thinking reinforcing relaxing and letting go of his problems. Taking the time to relax and focus on feeling good helped him to change the way he felt and hey presto he slept. Sleep is also when our bodies do what it designed to do, and that is to heal us.

Listening or hearing what is the difference?

Quite simply, when we listen to someone, we pay attention and concentrate on what someone is saying. As opposed to; hearing their words and not paying attention or quite often getting ready to interrupt with our opinion: or story.

Words are very important what we say to ourselves can affect how we feel and behave. The MP3 I gave to Helen for her husband helped him to change the way he was thinking. In turn, he realised that he could sleep and then heal.Hypnotherapy MP3

If you are struggling with an area of your life and want to change it, listen to what you are saying or thinking. For example, if you want to be more confident in social situations think about what you say. You might say to yourself that you are not good at talking to people in groups. Thinking this way reinforces your belief. If you changed your thought talk to, I enjoy talking to people, and I am interested to hear what they have to say. You are now focusing your attention on a different outcome.

Take the time to sit down and listen to yourself, write it down and look at your words. Then start to think about how you want to be and change the wording to suit you and to achieve what you want.

One of the skills that are required to be a hypnotherapist is to listen

As hypnotherapists, we are skilled at listening to what you are saying and the language of the subconscious mind to help you with changes.Hypnotherapy MP3

If there is an area of your life that you want to change maybe I could help, please give me a call or email. Or perhaps if you do not feel ready to have a one – one session.  Perhaps have a look at the MP3 downloads.

Or email me for further information at lorraine@hsoh.co.uk