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Hypno –band System how does it work? Christmas over and lighter evenings coming are you thinking of changing your eating habits? If you are hypnotherapy may help you with your mindset.

The hypno-band system consists of four one-one sessions. The first three sessions ideally a week apart with the fourth session a month later. You will also receive two recordings which you will need to play every day. As it is important that you play your part in the hypnotherapy to reinforce the therapy given.Hypno-band System

The hypno-band system is great to help you to eat smaller portions. The truth is most of us do eat too large portions, not always because we are hungry, but we are enjoying the food and eat everything on our plate.

At the first session, we talk about how you are eating now and what you would like to change. You will receive a recording of the session that is coherent with your lifestyle and tailored to your needs. Most of us know what we are doing wrong, but, when we are in the office, and the cakes are passed around we can’t say no! Or maybe you find yourself eating in the evening out of boredom?

The second session is where you meet your anaesthetist and surgeon in your mind. Also at session two, this is where we deal with what is causing you to overeat. Whether it is comfort eating or eating when you are stressed.

At the third session is where you will have the hypno-band fitted in your mind. Our minds do not differentiate between what is real or what is imagined. As long as you are open to believing that you have a hypno-band fitted your mind will help you to feel full more quickly. At the session, you will feel the band being fitted! Yes, you really do feel it. Also, you will receive another recording this one will be a generic one. Reminding you that now you have the hypno-band fitted you will feel full much more quickly.

After a month you will come back and have the band tightened.

Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand and when you work with a hypnotherapist to help you to change your eating habits you do need to play your part and listen to the recordings every day. If you do not, you may not receive the full benefit of hypnotherapy. If you do play the recordings every day, you will find that you’re eating differently. Sometimes the changes are so subtle and natural that you do not notice them at all.

Marie a client that I worked with used to eat takeaways on a regular basis, and she also loved crisps. I remember asking her how she was doing. Marie said that she was not doing anything differently, but, that week she had lost 6lbs and had no idea why. I asked her if she was playing her recording and she said yes every day. Also, I asked her how many crisps she had eaten that week. None! She actually said, “I have not even thought of a packet of crisps until you mentioned them”.Hypno-band System

At the fourth session, Marie had lost a stone in weight. Marie still felt that she was not doing anything differently. I asked how many takeaways she had eaten. Her reply “I don’t eat takeaways”. I had to show Marie my notes of the first session when she used to eat takeaways on a regular basis.

One client, I worked with could not be bothered to play her recordings. She didn’t bother to go shopping to ensure that she had the healthy food at home for her to eat. Guess what? She did not lose weight. It is up to you to put the effort in and play your part.

If you would like to listen to a recording to help you to change your eating habits, please visit the downloads page. You can buy a weight loss or a stop snacking MP3 for £10

Or if you would like to find out more about how the Hypno-band system could help you give me a call for a free consultation.