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Anxiety many words can be used for anxiety. For example worry, dread, apprehension, fear and the list goes on.

We all feel anxious at times. It is a normal feeling. For example the first day at work, we can feel a bit anxious. Taking an exam is another example. But, for most of us, once the situation is over, we stop feeling anxious.Anxiety Hypnotherapy

However, some of us can feel anxious for no reason. Or maybe feel that we over analyse things. This, in turn, makes us feel anxious. Do you find yourself feeling anxious most of the time? Hypnotherapy can help you to feel more in control.

How Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety.

At the first session, we would find out how you would like to be. We are good at knowing how we don’t want to be. But, not so good with how we want to be.

It is much easier to say that you want to be less anxious, less worried or less upset. But, your mind tends to grow what you think. For example, if you want to be less anxious. Your subconscious mind will pick up on the word anxious and would automatically grow to be anxious. However, if you said you wanted to be more relaxed. Your subconscious would automatically pick up on the word more relaxed. Your subconscious would start growing more relaxed.

Sounds so easy and I am sure you would have ‘tried’ to be more relaxed. There is another keyword when you ‘try’ to do something, the word ‘try’ implies an element of failure.Hypnotherapy and Anxiety

Once you have established how you want to be. I would explain what hypnosis is. Then guide you into hypnosis and give positive suggestions on how you would like to be. I would record the session for you to reinforce the therapy. You would need to play your part in the therapy and play your recordings regularly.

The subsequent sessions would be individual to suit your needs. We all respond differently to hypnosis. Just as some of us are good at writing, reading, and running as long as we are physically able to run. Some of us are good at going into hypnosis. It does not mean that you cannot run, read, write or go into hypnosis. We can all do these things, but for some of us, it may take more practice than others. So, yes you can go into hypnosis.How Hypnotherapy can help with Anxiety

If you would like to find out more, please email or give me a call.