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How hypnotherapy can help with fears/phobias. If you have a fear or phobia of spiders, water, sand, flying and the list goes on. Fears are usually involved with our imagination what if?

Mostly you know that the fear is irrational wouldn’t you agree? Yes if you do have a fear of for example water, you know that as long as you take the appropriate care, you will not get into trouble in the water. As it the case with most fears and phobias if you take the correct caution you will be okay. But knowing this does not help.Fears Phobias

How can hypnotherapy help you?

Hypnotherapy works with your creative side of your brain your imagination. Have you heard the saying “what we believe to be true we make our reality?” Or something similar?.
When you have a fear or phobia of something what happens is in our brains when we come in contact or even think about our fear or phobia a set of neurons start firing. Telling us to be cautious, afraid and a whole host of other unwanted feelings, pictures and thoughts start to affect us.

Also, you become on high alert looking for the fear. When you have a fear or a phobia it can stop you from doing some of the things that you would like to do.

Hypnotherapy can be very effective at helping you to change your thought process to help you to overcome your fear.

Hypnotherapy is very relaxing, and hypnotherapists are trained in the language of the mind. So once you are relaxed, there are several techniques that we use to help you to change the way you fire your neurons in your brain.

One of my favourite techniques to help people to overcome their fears is the rapid rewind.

What is the Rapid Rewind?

The rapid rewind is where you imagine yourself watching a movie the last time you were exposed to your fear.

Then you run it backwards and play it again. Adding different pictures sound and feelings.Hypnotherapy

This technique is very effective, and most of the time you can overcome your fear in one session. Not all the time sometimes it may take a few sessions.

How? You might ask. If you interrupt a thought pattern, you are breaking what we call the modalities.

Why not try sitting quietly and running the movie in your mind yourself. Then running it backwards and forwards. When you run it forward add something funny into the picture. Run it backwards and add a song to the movie. Then run it backwards in slow motion. Finally, try and run it forward again without adding anything.

Open your eyes and see if the thoughts, feeling or picture has changed?