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Hypnotherapy cured my rash.  Back in July this year I developed a rash on my shoulder, and it slowly spread down the whole of my arm. It was so itchy, and I couldn’t sleep. As soon as I got into bed, it would get worse.Hypnotherapy cured rash

Naturally, I went to the doctors. I was given strong antihistamines which should have alleviated the itching. It did nothing. I was also prescribed steroid cream and moisturiser.

The rash just got worse. I went back again, and another doctor was called in to have a look. They had no idea what it was. They considered psoriasis, eczema an allergy, grass mites. But they were only guessing.

I was prescribed a different steroid cream and moisturiser. It did nothing either. I went back again and was given yet another steroid cream and moisturiser. They did nothing.

Two months passed and honestly, I was beginning to feel depressed with the itching. To be honest, I did not care how awful my arm looked. The rash was now on my back too. All I wanted was the itching to stop.

Then a fellow hypnotherapist said to me “Lorraine you believe in the mind and body connection!” Why hadn’t I thought of that?

My story.

I booked in to see a hypnotherapist. At the first session under hypnosis, we dealt with some anger that I had with regards to an argument that I had with my daughter. Sometimes it is hard to express anger at people you love, and we bottle it up. But, it needs to come out, and in my case, it was the rash.

At the second session, we went back to when I was seven years old. My little sister was born, and at that time my mum and dad were going through a very bad patch. Their marriage did break up around that time too.

My mum’s hands were covered in a rash, and she used to get so upset because she had to keep her hands out of water. My mum couldn’t bath my sister, and my dad wouldn’t help her. I now remember how my mum wore cotton gloves with lots and cream on her hands. I remember her crying about it.

The session was amazing. We did inner child me going back to the seven-year-old and reassuring her that she was loved.

Followed by Gestalt – cutting the negative ties with my mum and dad. It was so powerful I had to imagine a sword in my hand and take a deep breath and cut. As I cut the negative ties, I started to cough it felt as though I was bringing up bad stuff!

Wow! Leaving that session the itching stopped it was amazing. The relief I felt was wonderful. Over the next couple of days, the rash started to disappear.Hypnotherapy cured rash

I did continue to use the cream that I had from the doctors. So, maybe it was that? Although I had been using the creams for months with little change. As far as I am concerned, it was the hypnotherapy

At the third session, we visualised more healing and getting well.

Three sessions and I am on my way to being fully recovered from the rash. I am sure it was that quick partly because I do understand the mind and body connection.

I have an understanding that as we grow up, we learn things from our parents and our peers. Somehow my mind had mixed up stress with a rash. Most of my adult life I have found myself having a rash at times under my arm. I had worked out that this was my way of dealing with stress. But, it had never been this bad.

I will be having a few more sessions as I do not want to continue having a rash when I am stressed or worried.
If you have a physical condition maybe it is your mind that is out of balance?