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Penny’s success story

How hypnotherapy helped Penny to get married.

Penny came to see me in 2015, as she was in love with Shaun. However, Shaun would mess her around quite a lot.

He would arrange to see her and not turn up; he would think nothing of it. Sometimes, he didn’t call her for a week.

Penny was fed up with it, as it was affecting her work life and personal life.How hypnotherapy helped with

She decided that she need to finish with Shaun. However, there was a part of her that wanted to stay with him. Simply, because she loved him, not the way he treated her though.

How hypnotherapy helped with confidence.

We had three sessions together. Helping Penny to feel more confident in herself. So that she would have the confidence to have the conversation with Shaun and mean it.

Penny had in the past, talked to Shaun about how she felt. Shaun would listen, and nothing changed. They had been together for a long time; this was not new for Penny. She was fed up.

One of the downsides of being a hypnotherapist is that we don’t always know if the change has occurred. Because we only see people for a few sessions an average of four to six times.

Do changes occur immediately?

No changes do not always happen immediately. Funnily enough, sometimes they can take months and very often hypnotherapy is not given credit for the changes because something else changed and then the client achieves their goal.

Jane – Weight loss

I worked with Jane for weight loss. Jane was adamant that she was eating healthily and had seen nutritionists. Who said that she was not eating enough!

We had four sessions together, and on the fourth session, I used parts therapy.

I called the part forward that was stopping Jane from losing weight. I asked the part what was happening?

Well, the reply was quite enlightening. The part said “Ask her how many roast potatoes she has with her roast dinner? Well, she has four, and they are big ones. Her portions sizes are big; they might be healthy. But they are big. When she goes to her allotment instead of working and burning calories. She chats with everyone and does nothing”.

We concluded the session and booked for the following week. Jane did cancel.

I saw a friend of hers about sometime later and asked her how Jane was doing. Kathy said she had lost three stone in weight, I am sorry, but she does not give you credit for the weight loss.

After seeing you, she joined Slimming world, and she gives credit to them. She doesn’t acknowledge that she had tried diets before and they did not work. However, after seeing you, she found her way.

Another client for smoking came to see me and did not give up. However, for some unknown reason a month later he just stopped smoking.

I think his mind needed to adjust and accept that he wanted to be a non-smoker.

I could give lots of different examples of how clients after hypnotherapy maybe, as long as six months later achieve their goal.

I think very often hypnotherapy is the catalyst for putting you on the right path or the right mindset.

How hypnotherapy helped Penny get married

Penny booked in with me recently as she wanted help with promotion at work. I got her notes out from 2015.

When she arrived, she said how amazing her private life is and kept mentioning Shaun. I asked her if it was the Shaun that we had worked with in 2015?

It was, and she said they are getting married in September this year. Penny said that after the hypnotherapy she sat down and had a conversation with Shaun.

He listened and said he loved her too. He thought she was happy with the relationship as it was!

Immediately their relationship changed. They moved in together and are now engaged.Hypnotherapy Chichester

I loved it, and it made me feel all warm inside. The moral of the story is you might come with one thing and end up with exactly what you want.

Hope you enjoyed reading this lovely story.