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Can Hypnotherapy help with physical conditions? Yes, your subconscious is responsible for maintaining your physical body. It has at its disposal all the knowledge to heal you. So Hypnotherapy can help with physical conditions when you are in the right frame of mind.

I love the saying change your thoughts, and you can change your world.Anxiety

Jasmine’s cold sore

Jasmine was seeing me for anxiety and one of the weeks when she arrived Jasmine had a cold sore. I can’t help myself; I asked her if she minded me doing some healing for her when she was in hypnosis.

Of course, Jasmine was quite happy for me to help with the cold sore. When Jasmine was relaxed, I used some healing techniques. So that her subconscious would send all the healing to Jasmine’s cold sore.  Using hypnotic language to help with the healing.

When Jasmine came back a few weeks later, she said that her cold sore healed very quickly. Also as we know the virus for cold sores are in our bodies. But, we do not have to activate them.Can Hypnotherapy help with physical conditions?

I have helped several clients who suffer from cold sores and styes. When I have spoken with them, sometimes years later they have all reported that they had not had another cold sore or stye since the hypnosis.


Jack another client that I have been working with was suffering from extreme anxiety. One of the symptoms was sweating badly. When Jack came back for his second session, he said that he had not sweated once during that week. This amazed him, and he said I think it is odd as sweating is a physical symptom! I explained although it is physical, the subconscious is responsible for producing the condition.

If you are suffering from a physical condition and of course have been checked out by the medical profession and are wondering if there is anything else you could do, hypnotherapy may be the answer?Can Hypnotherapy help with physical conditions?

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