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Hypnotherapy does it really work?

A question I am asked a lot and funnily enough I was asked exactly those words this morning “Hypnotherapy does it really work?  Well, I hope so as I have been a hypnotherapist for fourteen years now. If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t be a hypnotherapist.

My answer is yes hypnotherapy does work only if you want it to.

How does it work?

Now this is a better question, and the simple answer is; Hypnosis is simply an altered state. It is about focusing, relaxing and following instructions.Hypnotherapy does it really work?

The skill in helping you to achieve what you want is not the hypnosis. It is the language that I have studied and the words that we use. I am skilled at listening to you and what you are really saying. Not what you think you are saying.

Case study

My client who I am working with to help her overcome her anxiety and to lose weight arrived and I asked her “how are you?”. Helen replied, “I can’t lose weight”.

Very positive statement and the statement is “I can’t lose weight”. This is the message that Helen is sending to her subconscious. Her subconscious will produce exactly what Helen has said. Hence, Helen has not lost weight.

I would like to point out first and foremost that we have been working with Helen to overcome her anxiety. Helen did not mention her anxiety at all. I asked how her anxiety has been? Helen had had some unwanted thoughts. But she said that she could keep them in proportion, and they did not get out of control.

I explained to Helen that it would be much more positive to say “I am getting slimmer, fitter and healthier”. I explained the reasoning behind the new statement and when Helen was comfortable. I guided her into hypnosis.Hypnotherapy Portsmouth

Once Helen was in hypnosis I started building on moving forward and letting go of the last bit of anxiety.
Then proceeded to reinforce Helen getting slimmer, fitter and healthier before counting Helen up from hypnosis.

Incorporating techniques and language that I am trained in to help Helen to move forward.

On awakening, I asked Helen how she felt, and she smiled and said “I am getting slimmer, fitter and healthier.

Sounds simple, but it is important that you are sending the correct messages to your subconscious mind.

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