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Hypnotherapy & Regression, what are hypnotherapy and regression?
hypnotherapy & regression

Hypnotherapy and Regression can be a very effective way of helping you to move forward and let go of the past. It can also give you an insight as to where you learnt how to feel anxious, lack confidence or whatever it is that you are feeling or reacting to in certain situations. We are not born anxious or self-conscious.

We do not choose to be anxious or lack confidence, and yes sometimes we think we understand how we got to where we are. But if you did know then logically then you would be able to change it yes?hypnosis

As we grow up, we learn how to react in different situations, by watching and studying our environment. Watching our parents, our peer groups and how they behave. This is where most of our learning occurs in most cases before the age of 8, and not always consciously. But sometimes unconsciously, our subconscious is monitoring our environment constantly ensuring that we are safe. This is where the problems can begin as our subconscious learns to react in a certain way to situations. It is when we are not happy with our response that maybe hypnotherapy and regression could help you to move forward.

I have given some examples of clients that I have worked with and how regression has helped them. I have changed their names and did have permission to use their stories.

Fear of flying

Jane came to see me for fear of flying. She had never flown before the age of 16 years and had not had a bad experience.Fear of Flying

However, when she started walking on the plane for the first time, she started to panic. Jane did not understand why. Her first flight was fine, and so were her subsequent flights.

Although, each time she booked a holiday she found herself panicking more and more.

Under hypnosis, we regressed to the first time that Jane had experienced her fear. She was three years old and standing on a train platform. Waiting for her mum to come back from London. She was holding her dad’s hand and then suddenly heard the sound of the train coming into the station. She was terrified by the noise, and she was so small that her dad did not see her crying. By the time she saw her mum, she had run to her and jumped into her arms. Never actually saying that she was scared of the noise that the train made.

When I asked her how this was connected to her fear of flying? Jane said that as she heard the engines of the aeroplane, it sounded like a train coming into the station. Jane had totally forgotten about her experience as a little girl and had not connected the two.

Once we had dealt with the cause of Jane’s fear, she was able as an adult to let it go and fly without panicking.

Anxiety & Depression

Joe started feeling depressed and anxious at work. Joe felt very anxious out of his comfort zone, and when he was asked to take a meeting, he would go into a meltdown.Anxiety & Depression

Joe’s anxiety was getting worse, and he felt that he could not go to work. He used to commute by train, and some days he could not even board the train.

Under hypnosis, he went back to when he was sixteen years old, and he was in the lounge. I asked what he was doing in the lounge? It was his mother’s funeral, and he felt anxious. We did some inner child work and Gestalt.

Once Joe had an understanding of where his depression and anxiety started he was able to let it go and move forward.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be in control?

Yes, you will be in control. When you are in hypnosis, you are aware of what you are saying.

Will I say things I do not want to say?

No, one of the things I love about hypnosis is that you do not have to disclose anything you do not wish.

What if I do not know where it began?

This is where the hypnotherapist is skilled at helping you to find out the cause of your problem.

How do I know if what I am remembering is true?

Hypnotherapy is not a truth serum; our memories are not real, it is how we have remembered an event that has an effect on our lives.

Is it safe?

Yes, whatever happened to us when we were young does not have the same impact on us as adults. We can view it through adult eyes, using our experience to understand as an adult.

Do I have to be regressed if I do not want to?

No, of course not. If there is an event that you have not been able to let go of a skilled hypnotherapist will be able to help you to let go without regression.

If you would like to know how hypnotherapy could help you, please email me at lorraine@hsoh.co.uk or give me a call for a chat.

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