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New year new you?  it is the time you might be deciding to get fitter and slimmer. So I thought I would share some ideas that might help make it easier for you to get there.

Losing weight this year starting yet another diet and joining the gym? Is that you?

Have you heard that diets don’t work? Give up dieting?

Well, the truth is that we do need to eat less than we need to burn calories and lose weight.

However, you are choosing to lose weight whether it is some faddy diet or drinks here are some ideas that might help to make it easier for you and more achievable.

10 Top tips for New Year New You

  1. Plan your food for the week. It is so much easier to come home from a day at work and know what you are going to eat.

2. Sit at a table and eat slowly taste your food.

3.  We do only need small portions our stomach is about the size of your fist. So, instead of saying I am always hungry.                  Once you have eaten your dinner say “I have had enough” as this statement is true as opposed to saying you are                      always hungry say I have had enough and soon you will automatically start to feel full after a small portion.

4. Eat more vegetable’s; vegetables will fill you up.New year new you

5.  Don’t drink fizzy drinks especially the diet ones. Diet drinks help you to gain weight.

6.  Make small changes we accept small changes much easier.

7.  Don’t have takeaways.
8.  Exercise that does not mean you have to go and work out at the gym. Brisk walking is exercise, stop using lifts take                   the stairs instead. Park your car further away from the supermarket and walk briskly to the shop.10 top tips

9.  When cooking your evening meal. Cook extra for lunch the next day, it makes it much easier and saves time.

10. Losing a small amount of weight each week you are more likely to keep it off long term. Rapid weight loss can slow your metabolism down.

11.  Swap foods for example potatoes for sweet potatoes. White rice for brown.

12.  Drink plenty of water.

13.  Rule of thumb eat 80% healthy and 20% of what you want.

To reach your goal, you do need to change.

Okay, there are 13 top tips but if you choose 10 of them to start with you may find that you start to lose weight a little easier this time.


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