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Do you feel that your consumption of alcohol is a little more than you would like it to be? Or that alcohol is controlling you?

We all need a release, something that helps us to unwind and relax. Very often a drink after a hard day can help to do that. However, alcohol is addictive and without realising it, we can feel out of control. Before we know it, that one drink can turn into a bottle and can start to interfere with our lives. Causing relationships’ to break down and our health can suffer too.

Working with hypnotherapy can help you to be in control of your drinking habit. Hypnotherapy can find out what has caused you to drink more than you want. We all are unique and have different defence mechanisms and because of this, it is important that any therapy is tailored to your needs.

One client I worked with would drink a couple of bottles of wine every night after a day in the office. When she came to see me, her husband had moved out due to her excessive drinking. We had four sessions and dealt with the cause. At her last appointment, she was in control of her drinking. No longer drinking when she came home from work.

I will always remember the cause; it came from when she was six years old and on holiday with her Dad. Apparently, they went away every year together for a week to their mobile home by the late, without mum. Her Dad used to get a little tipsy and she was allowed to get covered in mud and have a great time playing by the lake.

The way our subconscious mind works is that it wants to protect us, however, sometimes it gets a mixed message. As in this case, when Jane was an adult and had a very stressful job. Her subconscious mind remembered how happy she was at the lake with her Dad. Jane would have a drink and as far as the subconscious was concerned happiness was restored. Once Jane realised that drinking reminded her of her Dad. She was in control again.

Another client I have worked with whose wife had sent him, as she had had enough of him drinking too much when he was out. He couldn’t say no and would drink way too much. We had five sessions together and we did not need to deal with the cause. For him, he needed to acknowledge when he had had enough and then drink a pint of water. Sounds simple, but we are all unique; however, once the subconscious mind understands then the change can be simple.

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